Feed The Birds!


Lots of people enjoying watching the birds and feeding them. Caring for garden birds is especially important in the winter as it’s harder for birds to find food. Birds require food, fresh water, shelter from the cold and protection from predators. Even during the snow birds still need cold water to keep their feathers clean.

Bungee Birdfeeder

This is a great birdfeeder. You hang it from a tree and birds feel safe up high to eat from the bungee jumper. The entire man is made out of seeds and birds can stand on him easy to get to the seeds. A good present for anybody who likes to feed the birds

Caravan Birdhouse

This is a great little house for the birds to mate and somewhere for them to go to get shelter on a cold night. It is shaped just like an old clapped out caravan, The caravan birdhouse needs to be hung from and tree and should be fairly high up to stop animals harming the birds.


If you love birds go for a day trip to Birdworld. It’s the largest birdpark and has 25 acres of beautiful gardens. It has entertainment for people of all ages. You can see the penguins being fed by a keeper, handle animals, see alligators in the Underwater World and even go on a Safari Ride to meet some of Birdworld's larger inhabitants including vultures, cranes, emus and ostriches. A brilliant day out!