Gardening Gifts


People who have everything are really hard to buy for. Below are some garden presents. These can be bought for anybody who already loves gardening or for someone who wishes to get into gardening.
The Pink Gardening Kit

The pink gardening kit is lovely present for any girl who loves gardening. Everything in this present it PINK! And the best thing is a male won't be wanting to use your tools. In this present you can get a Trowel, "Forget Me Not" seeds, Hand fork, Hand cream, Cutting blades, Gloves, Dibber, Gauntlets, Stringshovel and best of all a pink basket! 
The Calendar

For someone who loves gardening a personalised calendar is always a great present. The calendar comes in various different sizes and each month has your name on it! No one will get confused as to who's calendar it is! This is a great present for anybody who has a different spelling of their name and you choose what you want to be written on it. So if you name is Calvyn but people always spell it Kelvin then for once your name will be spelt correctly! Getting Personal have a next day delivery service so you will be guaranteed to get your calendar in a day or two. It is a lovely present and you can even choose which month you want it to start from! Therefore you can buy it anytime of the year.

GroBoxThe Grow box

The grow box is a present for anybody who loves gardening but isn’t the best at keeping plants alive! Gardening isn’t as easy as just planting a few seeds and watching them bloom that is where the Grobox comes in. All you need to do is plant the box into the ground and water it. Before long plants will be growing. It doesn’t require hard work and is therefore not time consuming. There are three different types of Groboxes. The Valentines special, Winter Garden, White Christmas and Winter vegetables. A perfect gift!

Solar Powered Plant Pot

This is a plant in a pot that glows – It even changes colour! It is powered by solar power therefore depending on how much sunlight we have depends on how long the pot will glow for. It’s a brilliant way to brighten up and garden and will always turn heads.